A provider of a range of high voltage electrical engineering substation design services including design and design verification capabilities. Acting as Consultants for the Principal Contractor and sub-contractors on various schemes. We can deliver protection & control, HV plant, cable system design, civil engineering design services to the UK electricity supply industry at all voltage levels up to and including 400kV.
Our engineers evaluate all substation options in order to optimise the design and ensure the most cost effective and practical solution is submitted. We undertake detailed analysis to identify risks and design the works to mitigate risk. We provide pre & post tender solutions thereby minimising change and associated impact to time, quality and budget.

Our cable engineers undertake all aspects of HV cable installation & route design to cable pulling calculations. The HV cable installation route planning service will enable selection of a cost effective route solution.

Our engineering team have numerous years of experience working within all areas of the utility industry. We evaluate the scope of work covered by a particular project and discuss all practical options available and present these finding in the form of a scope of work document. We lead and chair the design meetings and co-ordinate all design thus minimising project change and impact.

Our construction solutions include the following services designed to assist with smooth running of the project through:

  • Preparation of tender drawings and
  • Technical assessment of tender returns
  • Producing the Design Intent Documentation (DID)
  • Specification of HV equipment
  • Civil design
  • HV plant design
  • HV cable design
  • Protection & control schematic diagrams, cable block diagrams, cable schedules and core sheets.
  • Specification & design of LVAC & LVDC systems including standing load requirements, maximum switching currents, discharge times, etc.
  • As-Built drawings
  • O & M Manuals